Tree Preservation Orders

It is possible that tree(s) in your garden may be protected by Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or a Conservation Area (CA) restriction.

Both TPO’s and CA’s are created by your local council to maintain the character of an area by preserving mature trees. TPO’s prevent any works, including, Felling, Reductions, and Pollarding without council permission.

RJ Tree Services will apply for any works on your behalf at no extra charge.

We have very good working relationships with many Arboricultural officers in the council planning departments, including, Kingston Upon Thames, Elmbridge, Wimbledon, Morden and Wandsworth. Planning permission can take up to eight weeks before a confirmation decision for works is released.

We will apply for and track all applications.

What trees are exempt from TPO’s?

  • Some multi stemmed trees like Hazel
  • Fruit trees grown as a business venture
  • Leylandii trees in most instances
  • Dead, dying or dangerous trees (still advise your council)
  • Works where a felling licence has been granted

If in doubt please contact your council before commencing works, as you could find yourself liable to a high fine.

How do I know if I am in a ‘CA’ or have a ‘TPO’?

You should contact your local council’s planning department, in some cases this can be done online, e.g.:

What are the types of TPO?

  • Individual trees
  • Groups of tress
  • An area TPO
  • Woodland TPO (covers all trees regardless of age)

Can I apply for my tree to have a TPO?

You can request your council to create a TPO. This can be done in one working day if a tree in under an imminent threat, an emergency TPO will be made.

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