Season: Autumn

Autumn healthy tree check

As autumn now approaches it is a good time to do a general health check on your garden trees. Here are 10 quick and easy points for you to do your own health check for trees in your garden.

  1. Start at the base of the tree. Are the roots exposed at the surface and are they damaged by lawn mowers etc?
  2. Are the roots lifting up on one side of the tree? Your tree could be over weighted to one side
  3. Look for fungus and decay in or around the root area
  4. Are there wounds on the trunk? Is the bark dead in parts or peeling away?
  5. Look into the canopy. Are there hanging branches?
  6. Do branches cross over each other and rub in windy conditions?
  7. Are there dead limbs? Look for decay on old tree wounds and points of surgery
  8. Do any branches have splits along or across them from wind damage or over weighting?
  9. Are the leaves in good health? Look for branches lacking foliage or with a colour that does not match the rest of the tree. Look at the tips of the canopy for branches lacking leaves as this can indicate root problems
  10. Is the whole tree well balanced in form or is it leaning to one side? Often trees can be shaped to bring back a symmetrical form

If the tree is too large for your garden tree surgery such as crown raising can improve light conditions at ground level; alternatively your tree can be reduced in size or thinned out to improve its proportion to the landscape of your garden area.

The health can also be improved by a cleaning out of dead, diseased or crossing branches.

Remember a check is needed to ensure your tree is not subject to conservation area or tree preservation order restrictions.